Keep Your Lungs Healthy During Lung Cancer Month--And All Year Round

New York, November 15, 2006—November is traditionally a time for giving thanks and appreciating the change of seasons. It’s also Lung Cancer Awareness Month, devoted not only to raising awareness about lung cancer, but also about taking care of what we too often take for granted: our lungs.

“It’s a time to consider all the ways to support your lungs and keep them healthy,” says Les Gallo-Silver, director of clinical programs for CancerCare, who outlines several simple steps you can take to decrease your risk of lung cancer and breathe easier year round.

Here are some of Gallo-Silver’s helpful, common sense tips:

  • First, don’t smoke. If you do, quit.
  • Protect your lungs by avoiding unhealthy environments such as smoky rooms.
  • When doing home repairs use proper ventilation and wear a protective face mask to block breathing in potentially harmful fumes and particulates.
  • Exercise regularly and practice deep-breathing techniques.

“It is easy to take our lungs for granted,” he adds. “We breathe all the time and often without much effort. Lung Cancer Awareness Month gives us the opportunity to pause and make a commitment to treat our lungs better.”

For more tips, read the full article. For more information about Lung Cancer Awareness month, call 1-800-813-HOPE.

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