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34 Patient Advocacy Organizations Call on Payer Matrix to Stop Misidentifying as a Patient Advocacy Company

By Identifying as a ‘Leading Patient Advocate,’ Payer Matrix Puts Patients in Jeopardy

34 patient advocacy organizations, including CancerCare®, a leading national cancer support organization and the National Bleeding Disorders Foundation, have joined forces in signing onto a letter requesting that Payer Matrix, an alternative funding vendor, stop identifying itself as both a ‘Patient Advocacy Company’ and a ‘Leading Patient Advocate.’

Patient advocacy groups are committed to representing, educating, and acting in the best interest of their community members and patients look to these advocacy groups to help them better understand and navigate a complex health care system. In contrast, companies such as Payer Matrix sell their services (i.e., forcing patients prescribed specialty medications to apply/enroll in patient assistance programs (PAPs) not meant for insured patients) to employers as an employer ‘specialty medication cost saving solution’ that also generates profits for Payer Matrix. By identifying as a ‘Patient Advocacy Company’ and a ‘Leading Patient Advocate,’ Payer Matrix creates confusion and delays that can put patients in jeopardy.

The background:
In May of this year, AbbVie filed a lawsuit against Payer Matrix, an alternative funding vendor.

In response, Payer Matrix sent out a press release identifying itself as both a ‘Patient Advocacy Company’ and a ‘Leading Patient Advocate.'

The 34 patient advocacy organizations signing on to the above referenced letter believe that Payer Matrix’s self-promotion as a ‘Patient Advocacy Company’ and a ‘Leading Patient Advocate’ can confuse both patients and employers in understanding the role and service that Payer Matrix provides, namely advocating for employer cost savings by requiring patients to apply/enroll in PAPs which lead to profits for Payer Matrix.

Read the letter here.

About CancerCare®
Founded in 1944, CancerCare is the leading national organization providing free, professional support services and information to help people manage the emotional, practical and financial challenges of cancer. Our comprehensive services include resource navigation, counseling and support groups over the phone, online, and in-person; educational workshops; publications; and financial and co-payment assistance. All CancerCare services are provided by master’s-prepared oncology social workers and world-leading cancer experts.

About National Bleeding Disorders Foundation (Formerly National Hemophilia Foundation)
Founded in 1948, the National Bleeding Disorders Foundation (NBDF) is the leading national patient advocacy organization serving all persons with inheritable blood or bleeding disorders. NBDF is dedicated to finding cures for inheritable blood disorders and to addressing and preventing the complications of these disorders through the development of national guidelines for treatment and healthcare policy, research, education, advocacy and overcoming access barriers.

Media Contact
Kim Czubaruk, JD
Associate VP of Policy

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