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The CancerCare Pet Assistance & Wellness (PAW) Program will address the distinct needs of people with cancer who share their home with a cat or dog. The program will enable people living with cancer and their caregivers to obtain care for their pets during the emotional, physical, and financial challenges of cancer treatment. CancerCare’s Hopeline (800-813-HOPE) will be the entry point to the program’s full array of free support services.

This national program, uniquely designed to provide free support services to people struggling to care for their pets during their cancer treatment, will be comprised of the following core services:

  • Limited financial assistance to qualified individuals who own a cat or dog and are in active cancer treatment to offset expenses, including pet food; pet walking/sitting and other caregiving services; boarding fees; veterinarian expenses including vaccinations and appointment fees; flea, tick and heartworm prevention; medications; and lab fees

  • Educational webcasts focused on caring for pets throughout the cancer journey, to cover topics such as how to care for one’s pet during cancer treatment, guidance on how to reduce one’s risk of infection from pets, as well as finding local support programs
    Listen to our workshop Joys and Challenges of Pets in Your Home When You Have Cancer

  • Wide dissemination of print/digital materials specific to pet care and self-care during cancer treatment, including a database of resources
    Read our new booklet Caring for Your Pets When You Have Cancer

  • Free counseling services for both people with cancer and their caregivers

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