October 2021

     1Fundraising EventLongest Day of GolfVarious locations, USA2
3456Connect Education WorkshopMetastatic Triple Negative Breast Cancer: Strategies to Cope7Connect Education WorkshopMetastatic Breast Cancer: Treatment UpdatesCommunity ProgramWays to Wellness: Monthly Workshop Series89
10111213Connect Education WorkshopHER2-Positive Metastatic Breast Cancer: New Therapies141516
1718Connect Education WorkshopLiver Cancer: Treatment Updates19Connect Education WorkshopOvarian Cancer: Treatment Updates20Connect Education WorkshopTriple Negative Breast Cancer and African American Women2122Connect Education WorkshopThyroid Cancer: New Trends in Treatment23
2425Connect Education WorkshopPreventing, Managing & Treating Infection in Adults Living with Cancer2627282930
31Fundraising EventDo Something for CancerCareAnywhere, USA      

October 2021

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