February 2020

2345Community ProgramBreast Prosthesis/Wig Clinic6Community ProgramBreast Prosthesis/Wig Clinic7Community ProgramBreast Prosthesis/Wig Clinic8
910Connect Education WorkshopNew Perspectives in the Treatment of Advanced Skin Cancer: Advanced Basal Cell and Squamous Cell Cancers111213Community ProgramMindful Hour Workshop Series: Qigong1415
16171819Connect Education WorkshopUpdate on Diffuse Large B-Cell LymphomaCommunity ProgramBreast Prosthesis/Wig Clinic20Community ProgramBreast Prosthesis/Wig Clinic21Community ProgramBreast Prosthesis/Wig Clinic22
232425Connect Education WorkshopCaregiving for Your Loved One with Mantle Cell Lymphoma26Connect Education WorkshopTaking Your Treatment on Schedule: Its Importance in Managing Cancer272829

May 2020

May 3

May 6

May 7

May 8





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