April 2015

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   12Connect Education WorkshopProgress in the Treatment of Multiple MyelomaCommunity ProgramMeditation Group34
567Community ProgramMeditation Group8Community ProgramBreast Prosthesis Clinic9Community ProgramMeditation Group10Community ProgramWig Clinic11
1213Connect Education WorkshopHealthy Eating and Managing Weight Changes During Cancer Treatment14Community ProgramMeditation Group15Connect Education WorkshopEmerging Therapies in Hodgkin and T-Cell Lymphomas16Community ProgramMeditation Group1718
192021Connect Education WorkshopPrecision Medicine: Implications for the Treatment of Prostate CancerCommunity ProgramMeditation Group22Community ProgramBreast Prosthesis ClinicFundraising Event2015 CancerCare GalaNew York, NY23Community ProgramMeditation Group24Community ProgramWig Clinic25
262728Connect Education WorkshopMedical Update on Ovarian CancerCommunity ProgramMeditation Group29Connect Education WorkshopUpdates in the Treatment of HER2 Positive Breast Cancer30Community ProgramMeditation Group  

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