Staff Expertise

Our staff’s publications, presentations, reports and videos are featured at national oncology and social work-related conferences, including:

  • Association of Oncology Social Work (AOSW)
  • American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO)
  • American Psychosocial Oncology Society (APOS)
  • Social Work Hospice and Palliative Care Network (SWHPN)

In addition to our staff's expertise, we also offer the CancerCare Patient Access and Engagement Report, as well as the CancerCare Patient Value Initiative.

Staff in Action



  1. Patricia Goldsmith, CEO,

    “Why Are Healthcare Costs So High? Blame the Middlemen”

    MedCity News
  2. Lucia Fanjul, LMSW,

    “Immediate Interventions to Support The Newly Bereaved”

    Oncology Nursing News
  3. Patricia Goldsmith, CEO,

    “Open Enrollment Brings New Opportunity: Insights into Today’s Complicated Health Insurance Landscape”

    HR Daily Advisor
  4. Patricia Goldsmith, CEO,

    “How One Nonprofit Aims to Lend a Helpful Paw to Help Patients With Cancer Care for Their Pets”

    Cure Magazine
  5. Patricia Goldsmith, CEO,

    “5 Ways to Reevaluate Health Benefits Design for Open Enrollment Season”

    HR Morning
  6. Patricia Goldsmith, CEO,

    “Innovation in Cancer Therapies: Protecting Patient Access and Future Cures”

  7. Allison Moskowitz Duggan, LCSW,

    “Impact of Sexual Trauma and Need for Trauma-Informed Oncology Care”

    Oncology Nurse Advisor
  8. Patricia Goldsmith, CEO,

    “What HR Leaders Need to Know About Employee Health Benefits”

    Human Resources Director
  9. Leeann Medina-Martinez, LMSW,

    “Addressing Disparities: Practicing Inclusion for LGBTQ+ Patients With Cancer”

    Oncology Nursing News
  10. Lauren Bronstein, LCSW,

    “Supporting Patients Who Are Returning to Work After a Cancer Diagnosis”

    Oncology Nurse Advisor
  11. Marlee Kiel, LCSW,

    “How Social Media Helps AYA Patients With Cancer Find Support”

    Oncology Nursing News
  12. Patricia Goldsmith, CEO,

    “Investing in Employee Health is Key to Retention and Recruitment”

  13. Sarah Tennenhaus, LMSW,

    “Books, Movies, and Journaling Aid Coping During, After Cancer Treatment”

    Oncology Nurse Advisor
  14. Patricia Goldsmith, CEO,

    “Covid-19 Puts Focus on Employee Health Benefits Coverage”
  15. Marissa Fors, LCSW, OSW-C, C-ASWCM, CCM,

    “Addressing the Impact of COVID-19 and Health Disparities on Cancer Screening”

    Oncology Nursing News
  16. Sara Grisales Jaramillo, LMSW,

    “Challenges and Impacts Faced by Undocumented Cancer Patients in the Health Care System”

    Oncology Nursing News
  17. Shannon Coon, LMSW,

    “Shared Decision Making Benefits Patients, Clinicians in Oncology Care”

    Oncology Nurse Advisor
  18. Sara Grisales Jaramillo, LMSW,

    “Peer Support Essential for Young Adults Recovering From Cancer Treatment”

    Oncology Nurse Advisor


  1. Alyson Erardy, LMSW,

    “How Mindfulness Can Help Caregivers Cope with Stress and Burnout”

    Oncology Nursing News
  2. Christine Calafiore, LSW,

    “Contributing Factors to Delays in Diagnosis, Treatment Initiation of Cancers in Men”

    Oncology Nurse Advisor
  3. Samantha Fortune, LMSW,

    “Barriers in BIPOC Populations Diagnosed With Breast Cancer”

    Oncology Nursing News
  4. Allison Moskowitz, LMSW,

    “The Impact of Cancer on Mental Health: Recognizing Symptoms and Providing Support”

    Oncology Nurse Advisor
  5. Marissa Fors, LCSW, OSW-C, C-ASWCM, CCM,

    “The Role of Case Management: Improving Outcomes and Addressing Health Disparities in Cancer Care”

    Oncology Nursing News
  6. Claire Grainger-Valvano, LCSW, OSW-C,

    “Simple Concepts to Better Serve Patients With Cancer”

    Oncology Nurse Advisor
  7. William Goeren, LCSW-R, ACSW, OSW-C, SEP,

    “Cancer, COVID-19, and Aging in LGBTQ+ Communities”

    Oncology Nursing News
  8. Danielle Saff, LMSW,

    “Comprehensive Assessment Is Key for Geriatric Patients”

    Oncology Nursing News
  9. Sarah Paul, LCSW,

    “COVID-19 at 1 Year: Navigating Pandemic Fatigue”

    Oncology Nurse Advisor
  10. Angelique Caba, LCSW-R,

    “Cultural Humility: A Way to Reduce Health Disparities in the BIPOC Community”

    Oncology Nurse Advisor
  11. Karen M. Winkfield, MD, PhD; Jeanne M. Regnante, BS; Ellen Miller-Sonet, JD, MBA; Evelyn T. González, BA, MA; Karen M. Freund, MD, MPH; and Patricia M. Doykos, PhD,

    “Development of an Actionable Framework to Address Cancer Care Disparities in Medically Underserved Populations in the United States: Expert Roundtable Recommendations”

    American Society of Clinical Oncology’s Journal of Oncology Practice
  12. Victoria Puzo, LCSW,

    “Supporting Patients and Families During the Holidays: Safe Gatherings and Reducing Isolation”

    Oncology Nurse Advisor
  13. Sarah Paul, LCSW,

    “The New New Normal: Navigating Young Adult Survivorship Amid COVID-19”

    Oncology Nursing News



  1. Charlotte Ference, LMSW,

    “Genetic Testing and Inherited Increased Risk of Cancer”

    Oncology Nursing News
  2. Paige Soleimani, LMSW,

    “The Importance of Caregivers During the Stem Cell Transplant Process”

    Oncology Nursing News
  3. Joseline Lopez, MPsy,

    “Meeting Patients Where They Are: Improving Communications With Those Affected by Breast Cancer”

    Oncology Nurse Advisor
  4. Patricia Goldsmith and Carole Florman,

    “ICER’s concern for patients: Where’s the beef?”

  5. Victoria Puzo, LCSW,

    “What Are the Needs of Cancer Survivors 5 Years or More After Treatment?”

    Oncology Nursing News
  6. Lucia Fanjul, LMSW,

    “A Review of Barriers to a Successful Patient-Provider Relationship in the Hispanic Community”

    Oncology Nurse Advisor
  7. Caroline Edlund, LCSW-R,

    “How to Apply for Medicare When You Have Cancer”

  8. Ellen Miller-Sonet, JD, MBA,

    “Getting to know you: Matching cancer care to patient values”
  9. William Goeren, LCSW-R,

    “Cancer and the Transgender Community”

    Oncology Nurse Advisor
  10. Richard Dickens, LCSW-R,

    “Social Work Stories: Richard”

    Oncolink Blog
  11. Carole Florman,

    “PIPC Patient Blog: CancerCare Response to 'Mouse That Roared'”

    Partnership to Improve Patient Care (PIPC) Blog
  12. Lauren Brailey, LMSW,

    “Cancer as Trauma: How to Best Support Patients Through the Trauma of Treatment”

    Oncology Nursing News
  13. Ellen Miller-Sonet, JD, MBA,

    “Conversations on Patient Priorities and Preferences Should Take Place Before Treatment”
  14. Leeann Medina-Martinez, LMSW,

    “How to Support Positive Body Image and High Self-Esteem in Patients With Cancer”

    Oncology Nurse Advisor
  15. Richard Dickens, LCSW-R,

    “Meditation Made Easy”

    Oncology Nursing News
  16. Sarah K. Kelly, LCSW and William Goeren, LCSW-R,

    “CancerCare - A Psychosocial Oncology Support Organization”

    Chapter in Cancer Caregivers
  17. Ellen Miller-Sonet, MBA, JD; Jalpa A Doshi, PhD; Justin T Puckett; Henry A Glick, PhD,

    “Advocating for New Patient-Centered Tools for Value-Based Treatment Choices in Oncology”

    Journal of Clinical Pathways
  18. Claire Grainger, LCSW,

    “The Role of Positive Psychology in Oncology Practice”

    Oncology Nursing News
  19. Angelique Caba, LCSW-R,

    “Fertility and Family Planning: Supportive Conversations With Cancer Patients”

    Oncology Nurse Advisor
  20. A.J. Cincotta-Eichenfield, LMSW,

    “The Shifting Dynamics of Social Support After a Cancer Diagnosis”

    Oncology Nursing News
  21. Ellen Miller-Sonet, JD, MBA,

    “Value-Based Oncology Care Delivery Falls Short of Addressing Patients' Psychosocial Needs”

    Oncology Nursing News


  1. Richard Dickens, LCSW-R,

    “Wounded Healers in Oncology Nursing”

    Oncology Nursing News
  2. Patricia Goldsmith,

    “Trump pricing plans are pretentious, could impede access, and will not help much”

    The Cancer Letter
  3. Mary Hanley, LMSW,

    “Holidays Make End-of-Life Discussions Even More Challenging”

    Oncology Nursing News
  4. Patricia Goldsmith,

    “AtlanticLIVE | Navigating Life After Cancer”

    Panel discussion
  5. Ellen Miller-Sonet, JD, MBA,

    “When Clinical Trials Try Patients' Patience”
  6. Maryrose Mongelli, LMSW,

    “Effects of Parental Cancer on Children and Adolescents”

    Real World Health Care Blog
  7. Essie Roman, LMSW,

    “Finding Strength and Hope in the Midst of Breast Cancer Treatment”

    Oncology Nursing News
  8. Sarah Paul, LCSW,

    “How to Make a Legacy: Tips for Young Adults with Advanced Cancer”
  9. Andrew Chesler, LMSW,

    “Anxiety, Depression in Prostate Cancer: Managing Psychosocial Effects in Male Patients”

    Oncology Nurse Advisor
  10. Sonia Pacheco, LSW, LCSW,

    “Hope, Gratitude and Spirituality: What They Mean to Cancer Patients”

    Oncology Nurse Advisor
  11. Patricia Goldsmith,

    “Re: Drug Pricing My unsolicited advice to HHS Secretary Alex Azar”

    The Cancer Letter
  12. Patricia Goldsmith,

    “Health-care debaters should recognize that we need innovation”

    The Hill
  13. Sonia Pacheco, LSW, LCSW,

    “Hope, Gratitude, and Spirituality: What They Mean to Patients with Cancer”

    Oncology Nursing News
  14. Richard Dickens, LCSW-R,

    “The Impact of Financial Toxicity on Patients With Cancer and Families”

    Social Work Today
  15. Ellen Miller-Sonet, JD, MBA, Jalpa A. Doshi, Justin T. Puckett and Henry Glick,

    “The Need For A New Patient-Centered Decision Tool For Value-Based Treatment Choices In Oncology”

    Health Affairs
  16. Richard Dickens, LCSW-R,

    “Navigating Lung Cancer: Embracing a New Normal”

    Interview in Cure Connections, Episodes 6-13
  17. Caroline Edlund, LCSW-R,

    “The Caregivers' Cancer Journey”

    Oncology Nurse Advisor
  18. Ellen Miller-Sonet, JD, MBA,

    “Patient Engagement in Cancer Care Decision-Making: CancerCare and the Patient Values Initiative”

    Interview in Journal of Clinical Pathways
  19. Marissa Fors, LMSW and Penelope Damaskos, PhD, LCSW, OSW-C,

    “From Disparities to Disclosure: A Discussion on Lesbians and Breast Cancer”

    Oncology Nurse Advisor
  20. Ellen Miller-Sonet, JD, MBA,

    “Assisting Patients With the Cost Burden of Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment: Next-Generation Sequencing Testing, Off-Label Medications, and More”

    Presentation at the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) Annual Conference
  21. Ellen Miller-Sonet, JD, MBA,

    “AtlanticLIVE | A New Frontier: Biosimilars and Cancer Care”

    Panel discussion
  22. Ellen Sonet, JD, MBA, Henry A. Glick, PhD, and Charles E. Phelps, PhD, MBA, Panelists and Jalpa A. Doshi, PhD, Moderator,

    “Designing a Patient-Centered Value Framework to Guide Shared Decision Making in Oncology: Why, What, and How?”

    International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research (ISPOR) Conference
  23. Marlee Kiel, LMSW,

    “Challenges for Young Adult Couples Facing a Cancer Diagnosis”

    Oncology Nurse Advisor
  24. Lauren Chatalian, LMSW,

    “Managing Chemo Brain in Pediatric Survivors of Childhood Cancer”

    Oncology Nurse Advisor
  25. Ellen Sonet, JD, MBA, Jennifer Cosenza, MA, Richard Dickens, LCSW-R, Patricia J. Goldsmith, Marcia A. Kean, MBA and Courtney Tyne, MPH,

    “Decision Making at the Point of Care: Voices of Oncology Providers, A Patient Values Initiative Issue Brief”

  26. Glenn Meuche, LCSW,

    “Sitting With Silence in End-of-Life Cancer Care”

    Oncology Nurse Advisor
  27. Sarah Paul, LMSW,

    “Identifying the Psychosocial Needs of Young Adults with Metastatic Cancer”

    Oncology Nurse Advisor
  28. Sarah Paul , LCSW,

    “My Sister’s Cancer Made Me Want to Help Other Families”
  29. Sarah Paul , LCSW,

    “Play the Cancer Card: Dealing With Cancer During the Holiday Season”


  1. Patricia Goldsmith,

    “Patricia Goldsmith: This is the “Moonstab,” or, maybe, the “Moonshaft””

    The Cancer Letter
  2. Ellen Miller-Sonet, JD, MBA, Jennifer Cosenza, MA, Richard Dickens, LCSW-R, Patricia J. Goldsmith, Marcia A. Kean, MBA, Carolyn Messner, LCSW-R and Courtney Tyne, MPH,

    “Patient Values Initiative: The Many Voices of Value A CancerCare Focus Group Assessment”

  3. Andrea Cantor, LMSW,

    “Preventing Body-Trauma Triggers During Radiation Therapy for Cancer”

    Oncology Nurse Advisor
  4. Maria Chi, LCSW-R,

    “The Hidden Cost of Cancer: Helping Clients Cope with Financial Toxicity”

    Clinical Social Work Journal
  5. Richard Dickens, LCSW-R,

    “Rare Cancers Pose a Challenge for Patients, Clinicians”

    Oncology Nurse Advisor
  6. Caroline Edlund, LCSW-R,

    “Therapeutic Writing in Group Work for Patients With Cancer”

    Oncology Nurse Advisor
  7. Marissa Fors, LMSW,

    “Physical Activity Improves Outcomes for Patients with Breast Cancer and Survivors”

    Oncology Nurse Advisor
  8. William Goeren, LCSW-R,

    “Gay Men and the Stigma of a Cancer Diagnosis”

    Oncology Nurse Advisor
  9. Patricia Goldsmith,

    “New Patient-Focused Initiatives Presented at ASCO 2017”

  10. Talila Marcus, LMSW,

    “Hypnosis and Its Use in Cancer Treatment”

    Oncology Nurse Advisor
  11. Glenn Meuche, LCSW-R,

    “The Integration of Cannabis in Oncologic Care”

    Oncology Nurse Advisor
  12. Ellen Miller-Sonet, MBA, JD,

    “Informed decision making in cancer care: more myth than reality”

  13. Mayra Sandoval, LMSW,

    “What SUPPORT Can Do for Families Coping With Cancer During the Holidays”

    Oncology Nurse Advisor
  14. Kenneth Thorpe and Patricia Goldsmith,

    “Beating Cancer Shouldn’t Force Patients Into Bankruptcy”

    Oncology Nurse Advisor


  1. Angelique Caba, LCSW-R,

    “Dating Challenges Throughout the Cancer Journey”

    Oncology Nurse Advisor
  2. Maria Chi, LCSW-R,

    “Using Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Principles in Daily Patient Interactions”

    Oncology Nurse Advisor
  3. Maria Chi, LCSW-R,

    “Improving Body Image After Cancer Treatments: Assessing the Effectiveness of an Online Mindfulness-Based Therapy (‘Me-Therapy’)”

    Appearance Matters Conference, hosted by Centre for Appearance Research
  4. Maria Chi, LCSW-R,

    “When Death Comes Knocking at the Door: Honoring End-of-Life Work in a Social Work Field Placement”

    Presentation at Fordham University’s Graduate School of Social Service
  5. Richard Dickens, LCSW-R,

    “The Role of Ritual in Celebration and Healing After Cancer”

    Coping With Cancer
  6. Elizabeth Ezra, LCSW,

    “Connecting With One’s Spiritual Identity in the Face of a Cancer Diagnosis”

    Oncology Nurse Advisor
  7. Patricia Goldsmith,

    “Patricia Goldsmith on Patient Access and Engagement: Results of the CancerCare Report”

  8. William Goeren, LCSW-R,

    “Waiting is the Worst Part of Cancer”

    Seminar presentation at the AOSW Annual Conference
  9. Claire Grainger-Valvano, LCSW,

    “Coloring as a Relaxation Tool”

    Oncology Nurse Advisor
  10. Stacy Lewis, LMSW,

    “How Physical Changes From Breast Cancer Affect Self-Image: Considerations for Clinicians”

    Oncology Nurse Advisor
  11. Michele McCourt,

    “Tips and Resources for Easing the Financial Burden of Cancer Copayments”

    Cure Magazine
  12. Carolyn Messner, LCSW-R,

    “Cancer and Social Work”

    The Oncology Nurse
  13. Glenn Meuche, LCSW-R,

    “Finding Meaning Amidst Meaninglessness: Addressing Existential Angst at the End of Life”

    Presentation at Fordham University Graduate School of Social Service
  14. Glenn Meuche, LCSW-R,

    “Re-Imagining God: A Meditation on Existential Suffering at the End of Life”

    Journal of Social Work in End-of-Life and Palliative Care
  15. Maryrose Mongelli, LMSW,

    “Treating Patients With Cancer and Mental Health Disorders”

    Oncology Nurse Advisor
  16. Ahuva Morris, LMSW,

    “Discovering Strength Through Connection: A Novel In-Person Support Group for Teens Affected by a Parent’s Cancer Diagnosis”

    poster presentation at the AOSW Annual Conference
  17. Ahuva Morris, LMSW,

    “Pillow Talk: How an Art Therapy Project Helps Families Talk About Cancer”

    Everyday Health
  18. Carly O’Brien, LCSW,

    “Final Wishes”

    Cancer Today
  19. Carly O’Brien, LCSW,

    “Finding Silver Linings”

    Cancer Today


  1. Angelique Caba, LCSW-R,

    “Coping With the Loss of Fertility After Cancer”

    Oncology Nurse Advisor
  2. Andrew Chesler, LMSW,

    “Unique Challenges Confront Patients With Lung Cancer”

    Oncology Nurse Advisor
  3. Elizabeth Ezra, LCSW,

    “A Place to Grieve: Creating a Space to Reflect After a Client’s Death”

    poster presentation at the AOSW Annual Conference
  4. Elizabeth Ezra, LCSW and Maria Chi, LCSW-R,

    “When the Other Shoe Drops: The Unique Fears and Challenges of Recurrent Disease”

    Handbook of Oncology Social Work: Psychosocial Care for People with Cancer
  5. William Goeren, LCSW-R,

    “Understanding the Male Patient With Cancer”

    Oncology Nurse Advisor
  6. Claire Grainger, LCSW, and Kathy Nugent, LCSW,

    “The Healing Hearts Family Bereavement Camp: An Innovative Approach to Healing”

    poster presentation at the AOSW Annual Conference
  7. Sarah Kelly, LCSW,

    “Health Literacy and Older Adults: Strategies for Integration”

    Oncology Nurse Advisor
  8. Carolyn Messner, LCSW-R and Stewart Fleishman,

    “Cancer in Contemporary Society: Grounding in Oncology and Psychosocial Care”

    Handbook of Oncology Social Work: Psychosocial Care for People with Cancer
  9. Carolyn Messner, LCSW-R, Caroline Kornhauser and Rosalie Canosa, LCSW-R,

    “The Biopsychsosocial Implications of the Site of the Cancer”

    Handbook of Oncology Social Work: Psychosocial Care for People with Cancer
  10. Carolyn Messner, LCSW-R, Julie Hodorowski and Caroline Kornhauser,

    “The Importance of Patient Education”

    Handbook of Oncology Social Work: Psychosocial Care for People with Cancer
  11. Carolyn Messner, LCSW-R, Grace Christ and Lynn Behar, LICSW,

    “Oncology Social Work Leadership: Inventors in a Changing World”

    Handbook of Oncology Social Work: Psychosocial Care for People with Cancer
  12. Glenn Meuche, LCSW,

    “An Unanticipated Awakening”

    Journal of Palliative Medicine
  13. Glenn Meuche, LCSW,

    “Embracing the Oneness of All Things: A Personal Reflection on the Implications of Shamanism for Social Work Practice in End of Life and Palliative Care”

    Journal of Social Work in End-of-Life and Palliative Care
  14. Ahuva Morris, LMSW,

    “Providing Psychosocial Care When the Patient Is a Child”

    Oncology Nurse Advisor
  15. Carly O’Brien, LCSW,

    “Supporting the Cancer Patient’s Long-Distance Caregiver”

    Oncology Nurse Advisor
  16. Sarah Paul, LMSW,

    “Cancer Changed My Body: Talking About Body Image With Teens”

    Oncology Nurse Advisor
  17. Sarah Paul, LMSW,

    “A Lost Population: How to Create a Safe Harbor in the Online Community for Teens Coping with Parental Cancer”

    poster presentation at the AOSW Annual Conference
  18. Victoria Puzo, LMSW,

    “Understanding the Triple Negative Breast Cancer Patient: Tips and Tools for Health Care Professionals”

    Oncology Nurse Advisor


  1. Maria Chi, LCSW-R,

    “Oncology Social Work Field Education: An Insider’s Perspective”

    presentation at the AOSW Annual Conference
  2. Elizabeth Ezra, LCSW-R,

    “Finding Hope Beyond the Pall of a Pancreatic Cancer Diagnosis; What Can We Do to Help?”

    poster presentation at the AOSW Annual Conference
  3. William Goeren, LCSW-R,

    “Bridging the Gap – the CancerCare/SAGE Support Group for Older Gay Men With Cancer”

    seminar presentation at the AOSW Annual Conference
  4. Claire Grainger-Valvano, LCSW,

    “Disclosing a Diagnosis to Children: Tell or Not Tell?”

    Oncology Nurse Advisor
  5. Claire Grainger-Valvano, LCSW,

    “My Daddy Sits Upon a Star”

    a children’s book about bereavement
  6. Sarah Kelly, LCSW,

    “Bridging Cancer Care for the Older Adult Patient”

    Oncology Nurse Advisor
  7. Carolyn Messner, LCSW-R and Richard Dickens, LCSW-R,

    “When A Co-Worker is Dying of Cancer: A Place for Wounded Healers”

    10th International Conference on Grief and Bereavement in Contemporary Society
  8. Carolyn Messner, LCSW-R,

    “When a Co-Worker is Dying: Transformative Grief Educational Paradigm”

    International Cancer Education Conference
  9. Carolyn Messner, LCSW-R,

    “What We So Proudly Hail: Training the Next Generation of Leaders in Oncology Social Work”

    Association of Oncology Social Work (AOSW) Annual Conference
  10. Carolyn Messner, LCSW-R,

    “Cancer and Palliative Care Education Programs for Night Shift Workers”

    European Association for Cancer Education (EACE) Congress
  11. Carolyn Messner, LCSW-R,

    “Paradigm of Patient Education”

    European Association for Cancer Education (EACE) Congress
  12. Carolyn Messner, LCSW-R,

    “Stress, Serendipity and Resilience: Keynote Address in Celebration of Social Work Month”

    Lincoln Medical and Mental Health Center, Department of Social Work and Pastoral Care
  13. Carolyn Messner, LCSW-R,

    “The Biopsychosocial Challenges Posed by Night Shift Workers”

    American Psychosocial Oncology Society (APOS) Annual Conference
  14. Glenn Meuche, LCSW,

    “Becoming One with the Cosmic Dance and Flow”

    Journal of Social Work in End-of-Life and Palliative Care
  15. Glenn Meuche, LCSW,

    “Dying Amidst a Primordial Dawn”

    Journal of Social Work in End-of-Life and Palliative Care
  16. Sandra Tripodi, LCSW,

    “Conversations About Cancer: A Tool to Help Families Communicate”

    Oncology Nurse Advisor
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