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CancerCare endorses and actively promotes state and federal policies which:

  • Ensure equitable access to high quality, safe, affordable and comprehensive cancer treatment for all Americans
  • Monitor and protect against potential discriminatory insurance benefit design and implementation
  • Enable a responsible process to ensure government-sponsored insurance programs provide patient-centric, quality, and affordable treatment and coverage
  • Facilitate shared decision-making in cancer treatment planning that reflects patients’ values and priorities
  • Help expedite the development and implementation of survivorship plans for every cancer patient after active treatment
  • Fund the rapid development of novel, safe and effective cancer treatment and support therapies
  • Promote health equity and reduce health care disparities among vulnerable and underserved communities

Our Advocacy Activities:

Alternative Funding Programs - What Employers Need to Know

The purpose of these resources is to explain the unintended consequences of alternative funding programs, raise attention to the risks for employers and employees, and provide more ethical cost containment strategies for employer-sponsored health plans.

Alternative Funding Programs - What Employers Need to Know
Alternative Funding Programs - What Employers Need to Know (1-pager)

The Employers’ Prescription for Employee Protection Toolkit: Prescription Drug Benefit

Insurance companies and benefits consultants often recommend cost-saving strategies that control patients’ access to healthcare services—practices known as utilization management (UM). This toolkit will help achieve a deeper understanding of UM practices and their unintended consequences on the health and well-being of employees. Learn more >>

The Employers’ Prescription for Employee Protection Toolkit: Biomarkers

Biomarker testing leads to more effective targeted treatments, avoiding ineffective and potentially harmful treatments, and improved patient outcomes. See our new biomarker testing toolkit to help benefits managers, human resources professionals, and others to better understand the increasing importance of biomarker testing in cancer treatment. Learn more >>

Research on Cancer Caregivers and Decision-making

Published in July, 2022, reflecting the perspectives of more than 2700 cancer caregivers, the report identifies many of the concerns and needs they have as they participate in shared treatment decision-making. Learn more >>

The CancerCare Patient Values Manifesto

Published in 2019, the CancerCare Patient Values Manifesto is based on the premise that people with cancer and their clinical care teams have a fundamental right to relationships rooted in mutual respect, where communication is open and culturally competent, plain language information is exchanged, goals are shared and patients’ priorities are acknowledged throughout the continuum of care. Learn more >>

The CancerCare Patient Values Initiative

Launched in early 2017, this multi-faceted project intends to reframe the national healthcare policy dialogue to include what’s important to patients and their families, and to incorporate patients’ values and priorities into treatment decision-making models. Learn more >>

The CancerCare Patient Access and Engagement Report

Published in May, 2016, reflecting the perspectives of thousands of Americans diagnosed with cancer, the report identifies many needs and concerns that people experience along the continuum of living with and beyond cancer. Learn more >>

Publications and Other Media Informed by CancerCare Research

Our Policy Activities:









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