Season 3, Episode 7: Resilience Is My Superpower

On this week’s episode, Kimberly details her experience with metastatic breast cancer. She poses essential questions about the cancer experience: What does this mean? How will my life change? How can I deal with that while understanding my need for self-care? As the CEO of Infinite Being, Kimberly leads outreach programs, works as a health coach and makes videos to help others "find their best life" amidst chronic illnesses. Kimberly acknowledges the importance of integrating mindful tools and practices like meditation and deep breathing into daily life, calling attention to the connection between healing the physical and emotional realities of cancer. She explains, "If you're in your present, then there is no 'what happened last time'… there's no past, there's no future, there's just present."

Season 3, Episode 6: El Apoyo Incondicional / Unconditional Support

Gracias a nuestros trabajadores sociales y miembros del personal bilingües, CancerCare se enorgullece de ofrecer muchos servicios tanto en inglés como en español. El episodio de esta semana presenta una conversación entre Cecilia Acosta, LMSW, una de las trabajadoras sociales bilingües de CancerCare, y Gloria, una persona que vive con cáncer de ovario y carcinoma peritoneal. Gloria describe su experiencia al sortear las barreras del idioma mientras se enfrenta a la incertidumbre de su cáncer y sus variados impactos físicos y emocionales. Gloria comparte la importancia de encontrar esa "lucecita" que brinde alivio, tanto si surge de conversaciones de consejería, del apoyo incondicional de los miembros de la familia, o de la conexión con su fe.

Thanks to our bilingual social workers and staff members, CancerCare proudly offers many services in both English and Spanish. This week’s episode features a conversation between Cecilia Acosta, LMSW, one of CancerCare’s bilingual social workers, and Gloria, a person living with ovarian cancer and peritoneal carcinoma. Gloria outlines her experience navigating language barriers while coping with the uncertainty of her cancer and its varied physical and emotional impacts. Gloria shares the importance of finding ‘the little light’ that brings relief, whether it emerges from counseling conversations, the unconditional support of family members, or her connection to her faith.

Season 3, Episode 5: It's Okay to Reach Out

Kandis joins the podcast to talk about her experience as a caregiver for her mother, who had stage IV ovarian cancer. She explores caregiving as being simultaneously stressful and rewarding, enabling emotional memories and moments that would not have been otherwise possible. Kandis talks about caregiving in black and brown communities and explains how she became a national advocate for ovarian cancer. Highlighting the importance of social and professional support, Kandis reminds caregivers of the airplane safety guidance to "put on your mask before you help someone else," using it as a metaphor for truly investing in personal care and well-being while caring for a loved one.

Season 3, Episode 4: Teach Me An Ocean

In recognition of World AML Awareness Day, CancerCare social worker Paige discusses her own path toward specializing in working with people with AML and other blood cancers. The episode then explores the lived experience of Valerie, a minister, endurance paddler, mother of six, AML survivor and so much more. Valerie's personal narrative is one of growth, strength, perseverance and self-exploration, and she contextualizes her changing medical and emotional reality in the vast enormity of the ocean. As she takes hold of her AML experience and gains the courage to share it with others, Valerie explains, "I have been acknowledged, I have been heard, my life is recognized in this global landscape." To invite ourselves to “Know AML,” she adds, is to "open our awareness, our hearts and our understanding." To learn more and join in World AML Awareness Day on April 21, visit

Season 3, Episode 3: I'm Too Young for This

In recognition of Young Adult Cancer Awareness Week, CancerCare’s Director of Clinical Programs, Sarah Paul, LCSW, is joined by CancerCare’s Young Adult Program Manager, Marlee Kiel, LMSW, and two young adults, Carly and Matt. Both our guests work to help others with cancer through advocacy, public speaking, volunteerism and fundraising. Marlee opens the conversation by addressing common challenges faced by young adults living with cancer. Matt and Carly then share their experiences and speak to the importance of sharing narratives of support, resilience and hope in their daily lives and in the work that they do. To join Carly in her AYA cancer conversations, follow @carlyflumer on Twitter. To learn more about Matt and his motivational speaking, visit

Season 3, Episode 2: Back to the Drawing Board

John was diagnosed with neuroendocrine tumors in March of 2010. An independent illustrator, writer and graphic novelist, they put creative expression in conversation with cancer, drawing and writing about cancer’s impact on all aspects of life. John talks about artistically rendering tumors as monstrous embodiments of self, negotiating and battling with them through various chemotherapy protocols, surgeries and clinical trials. John approaches illness with openness and honesty, crediting personal experience as a queer teenager growing up amidst the HIV/AIDS crisis, and explores pathways toward coping with cancer’s physical, emotional and artistic challenges.

Season 3, Episode 1: Moving Forward, Not Moving On

In the opening episode of season three, Louisa talks with her former CancerCare social worker, A.J., about her relationship with her husband, Johnny. She details their life and love together, the experience of his unexpected third brain cancer diagnosis soon after their engagement, and his death eighteen days after their wedding. Louisa opens up about how Johnny always found joy, how she found support and how she remains an involved member of the cancer community. As Louisa shares, “I’ll always be carrying him with me as I’m moving forward… because he'll always be a part of me. I'm carrying him with me, and he's also carrying me.”

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