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Leading GI and Breast Cancer MDs Among Honorees at CancerCare’s Annual "Tribute to Our Friends"

Amoena USA Corporation also recognized for providing free prostheses, patient support through CancerCare’s clinics for breast cancer patients and survivors.

NEW YORK, September 22, 2010—The national nonprofit CancerCare will present its Physician of the Year Awards to two nationally recognized leaders in oncology and cancer patient care during its annual “Tribute to Our Friends” awards ceremony, to be held September 30 at CancerCare’s national office in New York City.

Dr. Edith P. Mitchell, MD, FACP, Clinical Professor of Medicine and Medical Oncology at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, who specializes in gastrointestinal malignancies; and breast cancer specialist Dr. Hope S. Rugo, MD, Clinical Professor of Medicine and Director of Breast Oncology Clinical Trials Program at the University of California Comprehensive Cancer Center, in San Francisco, will be honored for their long-time participation in CancerCare’s free Connect® Education Workshops, which provide thousands of cancer patients, caregivers and health care professionals with the latest news in cancer research and treatment from the nation’s leading experts.

“This year, CancerCare has witnessed a tremendous coming together of individuals and organizations, with the common goal of lessening the burden of the cancer experience,” said Helen H. Miller, LCSW, CEO of CancerCare. “This special occasion honors and celebrates those who make our free counseling, support groups and educational services possible.”

Boston-based Amoena USA Corporation, will receive CancerCare’s Corporate Responsibility Award. Amoena USA, the world’s leading brand of external breast forms and specially designed post-mastectomy lingerie and swimwear, will be recognized for its generous donations of breast forms for free distribution through CancerCare’s prostheses clinics for women who have had a breast removed as a result of their breast cancer treatment.

CancerCare will also honor several individuals whose volunteering of their time and services has ensured that CancerCare’s fundraising efforts and events consistently meet or exceed the organization’s goals, including: Gary Polowitz, a longtime participant and fundraiser in the annual CancerCare of New Jersey’s Walk for Hope; Neysa Stern, who helped establish the Special Fund, Friends of CancerCare; and UPS employee Bobby LaPeruta, who will be honored for his role in helping CancerCare’s annual fundraising events run smoothly.

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