Supporter Spotlight: Awe Inspired

October 11, 2021
A rose gold necklace with a pink tourmaline stone on a piece of linen

CancerCare’s free programs and services are possible thanks to the generosity of our donors, supporters and funders. Jewelry brand Awe Inspired is one of our longtime supporters. During checkout, Awe shoppers can choose from a list of impact-driven nonprofits to receive 20% of the proceeds from their purchase. We spoke with Awe founder Jill Johnson, a three-time cancer survivor, about her cancer experience, the importance of giving back and why she supports CancerCare.

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CancerCare for Kids’ Back-to-School Program Provides 140 Children and Teens With School Supplies

September 27, 2021
Photo of a CancerCare staff member holding a backpack

As summer draws to a close, many families and kids start looking ahead to back-to-school season—and our CancerCarefor Kids team does too! 2021 marks the sixth year of our Back-to-School Program, which provides brand-new backpacks full of school supplies to children and teens in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

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Exploring Cancer Out Loud, Part II: Looking Back and Looking Ahead

September 14, 2021

In the second installment of our focus on Cancer Out Loud: The CancerCare Podcast, Sarah and A.J. reflect on memorable episodes and what’s next for the show.

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Exploring Cancer Out Loud, Part I: From Idea to Reality

September 13, 2021

Today marks the season four debut of Cancer Out Loud: The CancerCare Podcast! We are exciting to continue amplifying the stories and experiences of people living with cancer, caregivers and the bereaved.

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Blood Cancers & Watchful Waiting

September 3, 2021
Close-up photo of a navy blue and gold analog clock face

When a person is diagnosed with cancer, deciding on a treatment plan is a top priority. For many, especially those with solid tumors, common next steps may be surgery, chemotherapy or radiation. For certain types of cancer, including blood cancers, doctors may decide that watchful waiting is the best course of action.

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COVID-19 Vaccines and Cancer: Recent Updates

August 24, 2021
Photo of mock-up COVID-19 vaccine bottles

CancerCare is committed to sharing news related to COVID-19 and the coronavirus pandemic to help those living with cancer stay informed. Read more about the FDA’s recent approval of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine and the CDC’s recommendation for immunocompromised individuals.

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Introducing Magnolia Purpose in Planning®

August 11, 2021
Magnolia Purpose in Planning logo

With almost 90 years of combined cancer advocacy experience, CancerCare and Triage Cancer are proud to launch Magnolia Purpose in Planning®, in partnership with Eisai Inc., to connect people affected by cancer to practical financial and legal resources.

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Looking Back on Case Management’s First Year

July 29, 2021
Photo of a young woman with a headset at a computer

In June 2020, CancerCare launched its newest service: a free telephone case management program to help clients overcome barriers to care. This program was designed in direct response to the needs of people living with cancer. During such an overwhelming time, it’s easy to get “stuck” at certain points during the cancer experience, not knowing who to turn to for guidance. It has been especially useful for those managing with a cancer diagnosis while also coping with additional stress, safety concerns and other factors related to the coronavirus pandemic.

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A Legacy of Support: The Krakow Family

July 1, 2021
Portrait of a young man in formalwear

The Krakow family’s history with CancerCare began in the early 1990s. Jonathan Krakow was diagnosed with brain cancer and joined a young adult patient support group facilitated by Kathy Nugent, CancerCare’s Director of Regional Programs. “He was an amazing young man who provided such a spark of life to the group,” Kathy fondly recalls

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Healing Hearts Family Bereavement Camp Goes Virtual for 2021

June 23, 2021
Grid of six images with clients holding up star-patterned pillows

Earlier this month, 11 families met virtually for an all-remote version of our annual Healing Hearts Family Bereavement Camp. The camp, which is open to families with children and teens who have recently lost a loved one to cancer, is usually held at a rural setting in the Pocono Mountains where visitors can ride horses, roast s’mores and enjoy a change of scenery. Though our families were unable to be physically together this year, our dedicated staff and volunteers planned seven hours of programming over the course of the weekend for parents and children to connect, remember their loved ones and find support.

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