• Elise F.

    “I can tell my counselor how I’m feeling and what’s going through my mind. Every Friday, she calls me at 11:30, and I look forward to her calls. I get a lot off my chest.” Read more
  • Kathryn W.

    “Some of the most important things to keep in mind while caring for a loved one is that it’s important to listen to them and give them a safe space, but also to have them listen to you and let them take care of you a little bit sometimes.” Read more
  • Valarie K.

    “We have to go 60 miles from her home to the clinic for her treatments so this assistance is invaluable to us. This is especially invaluable on a fixed income. We are so grateful to CancerCare.” Read more
  • Mike B.

    “If you’re thinking about reaching out for support, don’t delay. The sooner you’re able to get help the more help you’ll find.” Read more
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