Q. I am a father of a 4-year-old kid who is undergoing cancer treatment. My son was diagnosed with Wilms Tumor in his right kidney and with surgery we removed one kidney and following that he took 13 chemotherapy treatments. I am seeking help.


At this time, CancerCare does not have financial assistance for children. When we do have funding, we can offer a limited financial assistance grant that helps with transportation, home care and child care costs. If you may be interested in this, please call our Hopeline at 800-813-4673 to speak with an oncology social worker about creating a record for your son so you can be notified if funding becomes available. In addition, we offer free emotional support services over the phone and online as well as educational material, which includes our workshops and publications. Although CancerCare does not have direct financial assistance to offer at this time, I have provided some resources below that may be able to.

  • Family Reach (financial assistance with costs such as rent, utilities, transportation, uncovered medical expenses): 973-394-1411, 857-233-2764, https://familyreach.org
  • First Hand Foundation (financial assistance with costs such as medicine, therapy, care devices, transportation, equipment): 816-201-1569, https://www.firsthandfoundation.org
  • Pinky Swear Foundation (financial assistance with costs such as rent, mortgages, car payments, utilities, gas, food): 952-974-9600, https://www.pinkyswear.org
  • Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation (financial and emotional support for families to minimize hardship) 302-563-8389, https://bepositive.org
  • Kidney Cancer Association (information about different types of kidney cancer, including Wilms Tumors) 847-332-1051, https://www.kidneycancer.org
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