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Q. Is there a support group for long term adult survivors with serious late effect problems, such as radiation plexopathy?


CancerCare offers online support groups for adult cancer survivors who are still within 2 years of completing their cancer treatments. The Post Treatment Survivorship Support Group is for participants of all ages, while the Young Adult Post Treatment Survivorship Support Group is for people ages 39 and under. While not specifically focused on radiation plexopathy, both groups address the issue of long term treatment side effects because it is such a common challenge for survivors as they transition to life after cancer. Our support groups also discuss other survivorship concerns including fears of recurrence, creating new daily routines including the transition back to work or school, acclimating to physical changes experienced during treatment, as well as other topics that the group moderator or group members themselves may raise in the course of sharing more about their experiences.

To join one of our groups, we do ask that you complete a short online screening to confirm that the groups will meet your needs and expectations.

But if you are interested in seeking out more specific support for radiation plexopathy, there is a resource list featured on Cancer Survivors Network that includes links to personal blogs as well as a private Facebook group. Please be aware that in most cases, a private FB group is not moderated by a trained professional and your confidentiality is not guaranteed.

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