• Suzanne W.

    “No matter what your state of health, the diagnosis of cancer is overwhelming for the patient and for everyone close. Anxiety, sadness and depression are common for most cancer patients, and I was no exception. So I looked for a support group and that is how I found CancerCare.” Read more
  • Nila W.

    “The Stories of Help & Hope shared on the CancerCare website are invaluable. I am strengthened by holding onto these stories of hope. The experience of others educates and enriches me, replenishing me so I can go forward, renewed.” Read more
  • Cynthia B.

    “If you are able to keep your spirits up, as hard as it sounds, you will eventually get the strength to heal.” Read more
  • Phyllis D.

    “I always try to look at the glass half full and think positive thoughts each and every day.” Read more
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