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Q. Are there any resources to assist someone who is uninsured in getting a colonoscopy?


If you or someone you know is uninsured, there may be free or low cost options to help you access a colonoscopy. It can definitely feel overwhelming to access this care and worry about the financial cost or other barriers. Below are some options to contact for a free colonoscopy:

  • The Colorectal Cancer Alliance provides resources to access free screenings and financial assistance for those that are eligible
  • In some states, the Department of Health provides free screenings, including colonoscopies
  • Your health care team may know about possible resources or programs in your area

Additionally, CancerCare offers a Time To Screen line at 855-537-2733 where you can talk to one of our specialists about screening information. Our free publication Colorectal Cancer: The Importance of Screening and Early Detection can also help answer questions about this test.

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