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Q. I just got my screening MRI and my PSA is rising slowly for 3 years from 4.0 to 5.1. The MRI indicates a level 4 lesion well defined with no infiltration. I have an MRI fusion targeted biopsy scheduled in late May. Is the waiting period for this lesion appropriate? I'm being seen at a university hospital and clinics by a urologist.


It is always a good idea to be proactive in your health. Although it is typical to follow up with a biopsy following these results, the time frame to schedule it may vary based on other factors. It is not uncommon to feel concerned or anxious waiting for these tests. In order to feel more confident with these decisions, we always suggest speaking with your doctor about how these choices are made. When possible, a second opinion may also make you feel comfortable with your care. Below are some questions to help guide these conversations:

  • What is the purpose of this biopsy?

  • What is the typical follow up for these screening results?

  • How was the timing of this biopsy decided? Can it be scheduled sooner?

  • How will the results be discussed with me?

The Prostate Cancer Foundation has a list of additional questions on PSA screening and biopsy.

CancerCare offers a Time To Screen line at 855-537-2733 where you can talk to one of our specialists about screening.

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