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Q. My mom is currently undergoing treatment for cancer, and my dad feels completely overwhelmed and alone in caring for her due to COVID-19. Do you run any online support groups for spouses of cancer patients?


I want to start with saying that what your dad is feeling right now is completely normal. Both patients and caregivers are experiencing a lot of isolation due to COVID-19 and social distancing protocols. This pandemic has made it that much harder for people to connect with social or professional support.

That being said, CancerCare offers a handful of online support groups for caregivers that are moderated by oncology social workers. Further, we do currently offer groups specifically for spouses and partners, including our Caregiver Support Group for Spouses/Partners. If your dad is interested in registering, please share the link with him so he can get the process started. He will fill out a registration form with contact information and answer just a few questions about his current situation. Once that is submitted, our social workers will be able follow up with him directly.

It is important to note that our online support groups are in a message board format where members can introduce themselves and join in on ongoing discussions through writing posts. Members have access to the group 24/7 so there is no designated meeting time. If this modality is not what your dad is looking for, please know that you or your dad are welcome to call CancerCare’s Hopeline at 800-813-4673 to speak with an oncology social worker to find out about possible local support groups and other services.

Please know that we also have other caregiver groups for loved ones other than a spouse or partner, if you were interested in connecting with support. We also do offer an ovarian cancer patient support group if your mom was looking for support. View all of our support groups »

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