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Q. I'm concerned about taking my mother to her radiation treatments due to COVID-19. Are there guidelines or rules available that would help me make sure she's safe?


We know that cancer patients and survivors are more vulnerable to COVID-19. However, being in active treatment and navigating this pandemic can feel especially difficult. Be sure to discuss with her treatment team the safety precautions they are taking. If possible, prior to the radiation appointment, request a telemedicine meeting and ask questions such as:

  • Can we wait in the car until the team is ready for her?
  • Are visitors being allowed at this time?
  • Can she wear her mask during radiation?

Here is a link to our factsheet regarding speaking with your treatment team. Perhaps, this will also help clarify some additional questions you may have.
Questions to Ask Your Health Care Team About the Coronavirus and COVID-19

Cancer centers are doing their best to ensure safety and continuity in treatment. Many are enacting social distancing markers, health screenings, frequent cleanings, and more. However, you are not alone in this concern. We are hearing from patients and caregivers how stressful it is to navigate not only a cancer diagnosis but also this unprecedented time. Increased feelings of anxiety and fear are normal. Feel free to reach out to our national hotline (800-813-4673) to see if any of our other services are of interest to you. Our social workers are happy to explore additional resources. We provide limited financial assistance that can help with treatment-related cost. Applying for this program could help with the cost of taking her to treatment and reducing any use of public transportation.

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