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Q. I'd like to meet people with colon cancer who understand what it's like, but I can't seem to find anything near where I live, just groups for people with any type of cancer. Can you help?


A cancer diagnosis can feel very isolating. Wanting to establish a caring community is a wonderful way to find support from other people going through a similar experience while at the same time reducing isolation. It is often difficult to find face-to-face groups specifically for people with colorectal cancer. CancerCare understands the importance of staying connected with others and offers colorectal cancer patient groups.

These groups are both informative and supportive. Group discussions cover a range of topics such as dealing with tough side effects, not wanting to be a burden to family and friends, having limited supports both emotionally and financially, being disappointed in family and friends to communicating with one’s medical team and where to find additional supports. Group sessions can be very serious but also can be light and humorous. We emphasize being compassionate and empathetic with all of our group interactions.

Please remember that you are not alone. CancerCare support services are there to help you.

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