Q. I am looking to connect with survivors of cervical and/or vaginal cancers who have found success in managing long-term side effects of pelvic radiation. I have been offered little in terms of treatment of after-effects and am wondering if anyone has found relief.


There many ways to connect with others who are experiencing long-term side effects as a result of their cancer treatment. For many women who undergo treatment for gynecological cancers, there can be varying side effects that are short term or longer term. Having the opportunity to talk with others and share your experience may help you better cope with your side effects and learn new ways to manage them.

CancerCare offers many valuable resources to help survivors cope with post-treatment concerns. Learn about our post-treatment survivorship resources which include support groups, educational workshops, and publications. Joining a support group is a great way to share personal experiences, ease the feeling of isolation, explore new ideas, and receive helpful feedback from others.

The National Cervical Cancer Coalition has an online support community which is peer-led. Additionally, EyesonthePrize.org provides support and information for women coping with gynecological cancers.

As always, you can speak with a CancerCare oncology social worker about your concerns.

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