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Q. My son owes one hospital over $100,000 for surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation treatments. He has recently been approved for Medicare but it will be impossible for him to pay the remaining costs, after Medicare pays, for any future treatment. Is there any legal help for him?


The consequences of medical debt are staggering and unfortunately all too common. Medical debt is a major burden and a source of continuing stress for many cancer patients, especially those who are younger, have lower incomes, and lack insurance, according to a recent report by the Kaiser Family Foundation.

If he hasn’t already, your son should approach the medical centers where he has been treated to find out whether they will either lower his bill or work with him to address this sizeable debt. Some facilities provide funding to offset any care that isn’t covered by his insurance, though he will be expected to provide proof of his financial situation. Your son should also explore supplemental coverage plans such as Medicaid that could help with the amounts not covered by Medicare.

The Patient Advocate Foundation’s case managers provide guidance and support and can intervene on your son’s behalf regarding his medical debt. They also maintain a network of volunteer attorneys. provides referrals for affordable and/or free legal assistance programs in one’s area and advice about bankruptcy protection and other financial issues.

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