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Who We Help

  • People who are diagnosed with breast or gynecological cancers
  • Loved ones of people diagnosed with breast or gynecological cancers (e.g., cervical, endometrial, ovarian, uterine, vaginal or vulvar)

How We Help


One-on-one time, in person or over the phone for residents of New York and New Jersey, provided by professional oncology social workers.
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Resource Navigation

Our staff of oncology social workers provide guidance, information and resources to help better cope with cancer.
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Practical Programs

Wig and Breast Prosthesis Clinics
Our Wig and Breast Prosthesis Clinics aim to empower individuals diagnosed with cancer to look and feel their best during treatment and beyond and to cope with dignity and confidence. Clients are offered personalized fittings and free products to improve their sense of well-being and receive psychosocial support from an oncology social worker. Clients can receive wigs through our NY offices (includes New York City and Long Island), New Jersey office and various locations in Connecticut. Breast prostheses are available through our NY (includes New York City and Long Island) offices. To learn more or register, please call 800-813-HOPE (4673) or visit our Wig and Breast Prosthesis Clinics webpage »

Support Groups

Connect with other people coping with breast and gynecological cancers to share experiences and support each other.
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Our free publications provide easy-to-read information on cancer-related topics. CancerCare Connect Education Workshops give you the most up-to-date cancer information from top experts.
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Financial Help

CancerCare provides limited financial assistance to eligible individuals to help cover cancer-related costs like transportation to and from treatment, home care and child care.
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To learn more about our Breast and Gynecological Cancers Program, please call our Hopeline at 800-813-4673.

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