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Creative Connections at CancerCare’s Young Adult “Paint & Sip” Night

On December 5, CancerCare hosted a free “Paint and Sip” event at the Painting Lounge in Midtown, Manhattan. This gathering brought together 17 young adults and their loved ones who have been diagnosed with cancer or are post treatment for an evening filled with painting, hot beverages and the opportunity to connect with other young adults navigating a cancer diagnosis.

alt text “We wanted to help alleviate the isolation that many young adults with cancer face,” said CancerCare oncology social worker Hayley Feuchs, LMSW, who helped organize the event. “The holiday season can feel particularly isolating and this event provided a sense of community and brought together individuals of similar ages and experiences.”

The Painting Lounge offered the perfect venue for this connection. The choice of painting – a serene nature scene of trees and calming colors – was purposefully selected to be enjoyable for everyone and to serve as a positive reminder of the evening.
alt textFeedback from the participants was overwhelmingly positive. “Throughout the class and as everyone was leaving, many shared that they had a great time and asked when the next in-person event would be,” said Hayley.

This enthusiasm underscores the importance of these types of events for young adults who are undergoing the challenges of cancer and the need for community to support the emotional challenges that come with a diagnosis, treatment and post treatment.

alt textCancerCare is grateful to the Painting Lounge for their excellent hosting and to our oncology social workers Hayley Feuchs, Allison Moskowitz Duggan, Cassie Spector and Melisa Celikoyar for their support of the event!

Learn more about other upcoming free, virtual and in-person community programs at CancerCare and the resources and support available for young adults impacted by cancer.

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