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Helping Kids Discover Their Super Powers When a Family Member Has Cancer

alt textOn Tuesday, March 6th, CancerCare’s New Jersey office, in partnership with The Valley Hospital, hosted a fun-filled Super Hero Workshop for families affected by cancer.

During the event, the children worked with oncology social workers to create their own unique superheroes. Children gave their superheroes characteristics like bravery, courage and the ability to overcome problems. They were also able to decorate and create masks based off of the superheroes they had drawn. Some of the superheroes they created included Pizza Man, Baldy Man and Storm Buster. One child created a superhero called “MaryEllen the Merciful,” in honor of her mother who is currently coping with breast cancer.

While the children were creating their superheroes, the parents attended a support group led by oncology social workers. The group discussed the best ways to speak with young children about a cancer diagnosis. It also gave the parents a space to share their experiences dealing with their children’s questions.

At the end of the event, the children were given the opportunity to share the superheroes with their family members. Thanks to the generosity of artist and writer Joe Caramagna, all of the children in attendance received free, autographed Marvel comic books.

View photos from the event.

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Posted by Benjamin Chapman on March 26, 2018 in Children, Young Adults and Teens
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