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CancerCare Champions Photoshoot

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When CancerCare put out a call to clients in the New York tri-state area, asking if they would be interested in participating in a photoshoot for CancerCare’s publications and materials, we weren’t quite sure what to expect. Needless to say, we were floored by the overwhelming response from 25 individuals, who stopped by our office in late October to meet one another, have their makeup done and get their photos taken.

The event began in our reception room, where our models could relax, flip through magazines, have a snack from our buffet table and chat with each other. Because many of our services are offered individually or remotely, the event provided a special opportunity for clients to meet, share their stories and exchange words of advice and encouragement.

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One by one, each person was glammed up by Jill Astmann-Karol, our professional makeup artist, and then expertly photographed by Robert Bruschini. After the event, our participants received all of their professional photos for their own personal use.

"The photographer did a great job! It was such a fun afternoon, and a treat to have my makeup done!" shares Luisa L., one of the participants. "These photos kicked my Spirit up a few notches and I'm thankful to all those that made this meet/greet with photos possible," shared Dana J., another client and participant.

We’d like to extend our thanks to Jill and Robert, without whom this event would not have been possible. And of course, our tremendous gratitude goes out to our participants. We are so humbled by your stories, your compassion and your enthusiasm for giving back. We hope to do your kindness justice by honoring you as our CancerCare Champions.

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Posted by Claire Heyison on December 2, 2015 in CancerCare News


Yvonne said on Wednesday, December 09 2015
What a wonderful way to celebrate individuals who in my book are heroes and sheroes! Way to go, YMF, Survivor
Bridgette McCarthy said on Tuesday, February 21 2017
I enjoyed getting my makeup done. And would love to have my photo taken. It was a great thing to meet other women laughing and enjoying the fun of learning to apply makeup .

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