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CancerCare Awarded Over $1.5 Million by Susan G. Komen

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CancerCare is pleased to share that we have received a grant of over $1.5 million to assist people diagnosed with breast cancer. The generous grant will support Linking A.R.M.S., a CancerCare program in partnership with Susan G. Komen.

Linking A.R.M.S. provides financial assistance for breast cancer patients for hormonal and oral chemotherapy, pain and anti-nausea medication, child care, transportation, lymphedema care and durable medical equipment. Through this partnership with Komen, CancerCare has provided over $4 million in direct financial assistance, helping more than 15,000 patients nationwide since 2003.

“We are tremendously grateful for the continued support of Susan G. Komen,” said CancerCare CEO Patricia J. Goldsmith. “This substantial grant will provide help and hope to thousands of people diagnosed with breast cancer during what may be one of the most overwhelming times in their lives. Costs such as transportation and child care can oftentimes prevent our clients from receiving proper treatment and, thanks to Susan G. Komen, this will now be less of an obstacle for thousands of individuals.”

In addition to the $1.5 million fund available nationally, Komen also provided $14,640 exclusively for patients in Gainesville, Florida. Those interested in learning more or applying for financial assistance can visit the financial assistance section of our website or call 800-813-HOPE (4673).

“I am truly appreciative of all the assistance that has been given to me from day one – starting with my mammogram, through treatment, and post-treatment,” shares Kay, a Susan G. Komen grant recipient. “The Komen program and CancerCare have been a real blessing to me – and I’m sure countless others. Thank you so much!”

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