Allison Moskowitz, MSW, LMSW

Oncology Social Worker

Allison is an oncology social worker at CancerCare, providing counseling to people coping with cancer and people who have experienced the loss of a loved one.

Additional training:

Allison shares, “In my first job after receiving my undergraduate degree, I worked with social workers and realized how unique the field of social work is, and I was inspired by the passion and dedication the social workers brought to their job. Social work is needed in oncology due to how impactful cancer is, regardless of someone‚Äôs socioeconomic status, age, race and so many other factors. The impact of cancer can often be intensified by the fragmented healthcare that many receive. The services that CancerCare provides can help give a sense of community and support that clients may not otherwise receive through the healthcare system. In particular, I enjoy facilitating groups, as it brings together diverse people who share a common experience. I am continually inspired by the group process and how supportive group members are to each other.”