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Photo of Bianca I.

Bianca’s mind went to a dark place when she was first diagnosed with stage I breast cancer. She immediately began treatment and tried to find others who were in the same situation.

“The hardest part throughout this journey has been finding people that understand exactly what I’m going through,” said Bianca. “That’s where CancerCare came in and changed everything for me.”

Bianca began to feel more positive after receiving free individual counseling and attending support groups at CancerCare’s national office. “Thanks to my social worker at CancerCare, I believe that cancer will just be another chapter in my life, not the end of to my story. My diagnosis was a wake-up call for me to focus on doing what I love with my life and surround myself with positivity.”

As an actress and director from Bulgaria, Bianca wanted to use her creativity to help others. She says this chapter in her life inspired her to create a new documentary about people living with cancer, who she refers to as “Superheroes,” and their inspirational stories of survival.

Bianca says that creating and focusing on her art has saved her life by pushing her mentally and physically to continue fighting. “The idea behind the movie came to me after I really needed motivation,” says Bianca. “I wanted to think of a way to help others like CancerCare was helping me.”

The documentary follows 20 people of all ages with cancer from around the world, each with completely different diagnoses. Bianca has even asked her friends from her CancerCare support groups to participate in the film. Her documentary is set to run on World Cancer Day, February 4, 2020. To follow along her journey, visit or follow the movie on Instagram @therealsuperherofilm.

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