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What is Resource Navigation?
CancerCare’s Resource Navigation is a free telephone service provided by professional resource navigators and oncology social workers. This service is available in English and Spanish and centers on the practical challenges that arise from cancer. Resource Navigation is available to help address and overcome health disparities and other barriers to care.

What can Resource Navigation help with?
CancerCare’s Resource Navigation can help address barriers to care, including: financial, practical, psychosocial, communication, employment, care coordination, and support barriers. Resource navigators will provide cancer-focused guidance, help improve communication, provide practical information about treatment, and direct you to resources in your community.

Who can participate in Resource Navigation?
CancerCare’s Resources Navigation is available to people living with cancer, post-treatment survivors and caregivers affected by cancer.

What information is needed to begin Resource Navigation?
In order to be assessed for Resource Navigation, we ask for specific medical and demographic information. When you call, an in-depth assessment of your needs will be conducted. Caregivers may be asked information about themselves and their loved one so they can advocate for their needs.

What can I expect when I meet with my resource navigator?
In your first session, the resource navigator will conduct an assessment called a Distress Thermometer. This will help provide information on current concerns that are impacting your care. You and the resource navigator will work together to plan ways to address these barriers. Your resource navigator will provide information, guidance, and resources to you over the phone or email.

Will the resource navigator contact resources on my behalf, or complete applications for me?
Resource Navigators will contact resources to ensure that these programs are a good fit for your needs. They will then provide you with guidance on how to apply and what to expect. Resource navigators are unable to apply for programs on your behalf. If you need this assistance, we may refer you to additional advocacy organizations for help.

How many telephone sessions will I receive?
After an assessment, your resource navigator will determine the amount of sessions needed based on your current needs and barriers to care. Most often, resources and guidance to address barriers can be accomplished in three or four sessions. Your resource navigator will continue to assess your needs to determine best follow up.

How do I get started?
Call us at 800-813-HOPE (4673) or email To ensure that our CancerCare Resource Navigation services will be beneficial, an in-depth needs assessment will be conducted in the initial call. It may be determined that CancerCare Resource Navigation services would not be beneficial. This would include if more comprehensive, long term services are required, or if needs are outside of the scope of services. Referrals will be given to programs that best fit your needs.

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