Pen Pal Program

Do you remember the excitement that comes from receiving a letter in the mail? A real letter from a friend or loved one, not a letter from a hospital or an invoice. CancerCare’s Older Adult Program, in partnership with Nina Rawal’s Caring about Seniors, wants you to experience that thrill again. We have established a Pen Pal Program where you can receive letters from a caring volunteer who wants to share with you!

You will have the option to write back to the volunteer, but it is not required. Sometimes, simply receiving the letter is enough. It can be difficult to navigate social connections while coping with cancer, especially if you have been feeling isolated due to the coronavirus. Though these times have been challenging for all of us, this program can help you stay connected.

CancerCare’s Pen Pal Program is available nationally. Clients must be 60 or older and diagnosed with cancer to receive a letter.

For more information please contact:

Danielle Saff, LMSW, at 212-712-8037 or

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