Introduction to Vibration Therapy

This exercise introduces vibration as therapy, using a drum. Mother Nature has a tendency toward harmony, and so do we. When our minds get stuck on negative thoughts, we fall out of balance. Vibration can be a useful tool to recreate that balance, helping us break down the places where we are "stuck."

Mindfulness and Walking

This mindfulness walking exercise brings together awareness of both the body and the mind. In our daily lives, we are often thinking and doing many things at once. This exercise encourages you to allow your mind to focus on the breath while heightening awareness of the sensations within and around you.

Introduction to Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a type of meditation, sometimes referred to as a "two-pointed meditation." The point of focus is the breath, followed by non-judgmental awareness as the mind wanders. This recording will guide you through a brief exercise to help calm your mind.

Guided Imagery: Light and Spirit

This stress-reducing exercise combines deep breathing and meditation. Once you are relaxed, you can create a “wakeful dream” in which, for example, you envision pain being washed away or your body becoming stronger.

The Importance of Breath

At the core of life is breath. Laughing and sighing are the body’s natural ways of getting us to breathe deeply. That's why we often feel calmer or rejuvenated after these experiences. Anxiety and stress can make us take short, shallow breaths. Shallow breathing, which does not allow enough oxygen to enter our bodies, can make us even more anxious. This exercise will guide you through a simple breathing meditation.

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