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At CancerCare, we are the people we serve.

CancerCare is committed to advancing diversity, equity and inclusion in our workplace to ensure that the diversity of our staff and leadership reflects the communities we serve. We carry out this mission with the goal of promoting a culture of belonging, where we celebrate our diverse workforce and all staff are able to bring their authentic self to work and be respected, visible an empowered to do their best work.

  • We do our best to actively listen and create a safe space for dialogue at all levels through town halls, one-on-one discussions between leaders and employees to ensure everyone’s voice is heard
  • We recognize the importance that our leadership team and board is diverse and representative of the oncology community we serve

CancerCare’s strategy to address issues pertaining to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is one of HOPE:

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CancerCare Leadership

alt text

All Employees

alt text

CancerCare Core Values

Learn about our core values – respect, integrity, compassion, empathy and service – and how they drive our mission.


Health Equity

Learn more about what CancerCare is doing to address health equity.


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