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Cancer impacts more than just the person diagnosed: caregivers walk alongside their loved one throughout the cancer experience, often feeling similar levels of uncertainty, stress and more. It can be hard for caregivers to know where to turn.

In addition to CancerCare's own resources, we have collected helpful information and resources to help caregivers better cope with their loved one’s cancer. Browse the recommendations on this page or click the links below to skip to a section:


Already Toast: Caregiving and Burnout in America by Kate Washington (March 2021, Beacon Press)
Already Toast shows how all-consuming caregiving can be, how difficult it is to find support, and how the social and literary narratives that have long locked women into providing emotional labor also keep them in unpaid caregiving roles. When Kate Washington and her husband, Brad, learned that he had cancer, they were a young couple: professionals with ascending careers, parents to two small children. Brad’s diagnosis stripped those identities away: he became a patient and she his caregiver. Read more on Goodreads.

Daily Comforts for Caregivers by Pat Samples (October 1999, Taylor Trade/Fairview Press)
With 366 days' worth of wisdom and affirmations, Daily Comforts addresses one caregiving issue per day. This book works like a support system in a pocket by helping both family and professional caregivers cope with isolation, guilt, exhaustion, and frustration. Each reading concludes with an inspiring, practical affirmation designed to help caregivers better care for themselves. Read more on Goodreads.

Talking with My Treehouse Friends about Cancer: An Activity Book for Children of Parents with Cancer by Peter R. van Dernoot (February 1, 2007, Chicago Review Press)
This activity book, written by the founder of The Children's Treehouse Foundation, is designed to help children cope with the news that their parents or grandparents have cancer. The diary provides age-appropriate explanations and allows kids to express their feelings through drawing, coloring, pasting, and writing. Read more on Goodreads.

Graphic Novels

One Year Wiser: A Graphic Guide to Mindful Living by Mike Medaglia (October 2017, Self Made Hero)
One Year Wiser: A Graphic Guide to Mindful Living takes young readers on a journey of self-discovery. Exploring what mindfulness is and the benefits it can bring, you’ll discover a simple yet powerful truth: peace, contentment, and happiness are inside us already–all we need are the tools to access them. This smart, accessible, and beautifully illustrated guide will help readers master the art of living mindfully. Read more on Goodreads.

Mom's Cancer by Brian Fies, Charles Kochman and Barbara Fies (March 2006, Abrams Books)
Mom's Cancer is a graphic novel about one family's struggle with metastatic lung cancer. Honest, unflinching, and sometimes humorous, it is a look at the practical and emotional effect that serious illness can have on patients and their families. In the end, it is a story of hope--uniquely told in words and illustrations. Read more on Goodreads.


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