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Upcoming Workshops

For Kidney Cancer

  1. Dec 9 Coping with Holidays and Special Occasions Part II of For Caregivers: When Your Loved One Has Renal Cell Cancer – A Two-Part Series Register

For Any Cancer Diagnosis

    1. Young Adult Survivorship: Fertility, Sexuality and Intimacy The Eleventh Annual Cancer Survivorship Workshop: Living With, Through and Beyond Cancer
    2. Helping Cancer Patients and Their Families Cope with the Stresses of Caregiving A Workshop for Oncology Nurses and Social Workers, as well as Health Care Professionals, People Living with Cancer and Their Caregivers
    3. Stress Management for Caregivers: Practical Tips to Cope
    4. The Challenges of Coping with Cancer and Other Health Problems
    5. For Caregivers: Coping with Holidays, Special Occasions and Birthdays, Throughout the Year