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CancerCare’s Financial Assistance Program

For many people coping with cancer, financial concerns are top of mind. Watch Jane Levy, LCSW-R, director of patient assistance programs, provide an overview of our financial assistance services for people affected by cancer.

CancerCare’s Counseling

William Goeren, LCSW-R, director of clinical programs, provides an overview of our counseling services for patients, caregivers, friends, loved ones and the bereaved.

CancerCare’s Educational Programs

Director of Education and Training Carolyn Messner, DSW, MSW, OSW-C, LCSW-R describes our free educational programs, including Connect Education Workshops that provide listeners with the latest cancer information straight from leading experts.

CancerCare’s Online Support Groups

Watch Online Support Group Program Director Caroline Edlund, LCSW share how online support groups help people affected by cancer connect with each other and share their experiences.

CancerCare’s Co-Payment Assistance Foundation

The CancerCare Co-Payment Assistance Foundation helps people afford co-payments for chemotherapy and targeted treatment drugs. Learn more from the Foundation’s director, Michele McCourt.

CEO Patricia J. Goldsmith Discusses CancerCare’s Services and Resources

Watch Ms. Goldsmith share her impressions of the organization and impart why CancerCare’s free support services are so essential for people affected by a cancer diagnosis.

CancerCare’s Women’s Cancers Program and Wig/Prosthesis Clinic

Allison Nilsen, LCSW talks about how CancerCare’s Wig and Prosthesis Clinic helps people coping with cancer-related changes to their appearance.

CancerCare’s Children’s Program

Our children’s program provides free, professional support services for parents, adolescents and children affected by cancer. Learn about our services for children and families from Children and AYA Program Director Angelique Caba, LCSW.

CancerCare’s Caregiving Program

Caregiver Program Coordinator Carly O’Brien, LCSW describes the unique and specialized services we provide to caregivers of people affected by cancer.

CancerCare’s Mind/Body/Spirit Resources

Men’s Cancers Program Director Richard Dickens, LCSW-R shares his story of his own cancer diagnosis and talks about how people coping with cancer can benefit from mind/body/spirit exercises including meditation and guided imagery.

CancerCare’s Young Adult Program

Children and AYA Program Director Angelique Caba, LCSW discusses how our Young Adult Program addresses the unique concerns of young adults affected by cancer.

CancerCare’s Older Adult Program

Watch Sarah Kelly, LCSW describe her role as older adult program coordinator and the challenges older people face when coping with cancer.

CancerCare’s Pancreatic Cancer Program

Watch Elizabeth Ezra, LCSW describe CancerCare’s free support services for people affected by a pancreatic cancer diagnosis.

CancerCare’s Regional Programs

Director of Regional Programs Kathy Nugent, LCSW describes some of the unique services provided by CancerCare’s regional offices in New Jersey, Connecticut and Long Island.

CancerCare’s Bereavement Program

Bereavement Program Coordinator Glenn Meuche, LCSW describes how CancerCare helps people coping with grief and loss.

CancerCare’s Healing Hearts Family Bereavement Camp

Claire Grainger, LCSW shares her own personal story and describes our Healing Hearts Family Bereavement Camp, a weekend retreat in the Poconos for families coping with the loss of a loved one from cancer.

CancerCare: How We Can Help

Win Boerckel, LCSW-R, CancerCare’s director of social service, Long Island office and lung cancer program coordinator, shares what makes his work with people affected by cancer so rewarding.

Stories of Help and Hope

Stories of Help and Hope: I Needed Support, I Found CancerCare

Watch CancerCare clients share their personal stories and what support services they have found most helpful.

Stories of Help and Hope: Alfredo’s Story

Alfredo, who was diagnosed with stage 4 Hodgkin lymphoma and is currently in remission, shares his story and how support groups and counseling at CancerCare helped him adjust to life after cancer.

Stories of Help and Hope: Kathryn’s Story

Kathryn, a young adult caregiver, talks about the challenges of caregiving and how she found support through CancerCare.

Stories of Help and Hope: Jonah’s Story

CancerCare honored Jonah, a young adult coping with a melanoma diagnosis, at our Annual Spring Gala.

NBA Sideline Reporter Craig Sager and His Family Discuss Craig’s AML Diagnosis

Listen to Craig Sager and his family share their story of Craig’s acute myeloid leukemia (AML) diagnosis in recognition of AML Awareness Month.

June is Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) Awareness Month

Listen to Craig Sager and his family share their story of coping with Craig’s acute myeloid leukemia (AML) diagnosis in recognition of AML Awareness Month.

Valerie Shares Her Story for Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) Awareness Month

Listen as Valerie shares her inspiration story as she copes with an AML diagnosis.

CancerCare Events

First Annual CancerCare Greenwich Walk/Run for Hope

For the first time, CancerCare hosted its Walk/Run For Hope in Greenwich, CT at Tod’s Point. More than 350 participants raised $35,000 to support CancerCare’s free professional support services for anyone affected by cancer. Senator Richard Blumenthal attended and offered words of encouragement to the participants.

CancerCare’s 9th Annual Lung Cancer Walk For Hope

CancerCare’s 9th Annual Lung Cancer Walk for Hope was a fantastic success, raising more than $237,000 in support of our free services—a new record! More than 1,100 supporters came out for the walk, which took place in Long Island on Sunday, November 6 at the Town of Oyster Bay Golf Course in Woodbury, NY.

Laura Linney at CancerCare’s 2011 Spring Gala

CancerCare presented its Help and Hope Award to television writer, producer, and breast cancer survivor Jenny Bicks, whose work on the hit series “Sex and the City” and Showtime’s “The Big C” brings awareness of cancer’s impact on people’s lives to mainstream audiences. Actress Laura Linney, who stars in “The Big C” as a suburban mom facing a terminal cancer diagnosis, was on hand to personally present the award to Bicks.

CancerCare Longest Day of Golf

Watch this news segment featuring golfers who raise money to support CancerCare’s free, professional support services for people affected by cancer in Connecticut.

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