Winfield Boerckel, MSW, MBA, LCSW-R

Director of Social Service, Long Island Office

Win serves as CancerCare’s Long Island Director of Social Service and is charged with directing clinical services delivered to Long Island residents dealing with a diagnosis of cancer or providing care to a loved one with cancer. In addition, he coordinates CancerCare’s National Lung Cancer Program, and maintains clinical responsibility for developing and implementing supportive activities and systems for lung cancer patients and their caregivers; he also facilitates virtual support groups for cancer caregivers and lung cancer patients on Long Island.

Win serves on the professional advisory boards for the websites:, and the ASCO website, In addition, he had served on the editorial advisory board of CURE Magazine. He is also CancerCare’s delegate to the Global Lung Cancer Coalition, and, participates as Treasurer on that organization’s Steering Committee. He represents CancerCare at LungCAN. He is a recipient of the Lung Cancer Alliance’s first annual Lung Cancer Support Group Award. He participates in the American Cancer Society’s National Lung Cancer Roundtable as a member of the Shared Decision Making Task Group, and has presented on lung cancer patient psychosocial needs at workshops both in the United States and Europe.

Publications and presentations:

Win shares, “I find joy and fulfillment as an oncology social worker in watching my clients discover that the power to cope, thrive or sustain themselves in the traumatic storm of life with with cancer, whether they’re persons with cancer or caregivers, resides within them and my role was to be there to help them find and use that power!”